This post was met to be written on July 5th, 2011, however, I got busy with life and now I’m trying to play catch up with my blog!
An chance to live life. An opportunity. Should be not taken for granted. Every single day. Without regret.

That should be the goal for every human being in the world.

Today, I got to witness one of the most amazing experiences every human being should experience.

The ability for two people to share with their friends and family the beginning of a new life.

An experience when two hearts come together on a special day to become one.

I had the honor, at the last possible minute, without any previous knowledge, to attend one of my closest friend’s brother wedding.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go, but a day after the conference, yesterday, I met up with one of my closest friends in Seattle, WA along with his adorable family. On the waterfront, outside Starbucks, for the last time while I was in Seattle, sipping my Passion Iced Tea Lemonade, my phone rang and I was notified that they were being the pink tour bus. I gathered my laptop bag and walked behind the pink bus. Within a second later, a green Toyota van approached. He jumped out of the car and got reacquainted.

Ten minutes later, we pulled into the Seattle Mariners parking garage and headed over to SafeCo Field. At first, we weren’t sure we would  be able to get tickets because an hour earlier I had gone online to see if I could be able to purchase online; after searching, all tickets were no longer being sold online since most ticket agencies tend to close the venue either one or two hours before the venue starts. Nevertheless, as we approached the ticket booth, I was quite pleased to discover that there were plenty of tickets and got four tickets for everyone (kids under 3 is free!).

I must say that the staff are terrific when it comes to making sure that families are accommodated. As we walked to the line to enter into the gate, we were approached by a staff member that allowed us to enter through a different gate since we had three kids with us. The staff were so good…they were getting spoiled by baseball cards! Gate 329. That’s where our seats were, so while my friend took the kids to get a quick restroom break, I entered the gate a spoke to an pleasant gentleman who appeared to be well past his prime. He gave me some excellent advice as to check at the guest services to check in my friend double stroller and then since it was the kids very first game, that they would create a memorabilia to commemorate their first baseball game, free of charge!

San Diego Padres vs. Seattle Mariners. Honestly, as I write this I still have no idea who won. When we left in the top of the eighth inning, the Seattle Mariners were ahead by two. As much as I love the game of baseball, normally, I would of stayed until the game ended, but this was far from normal circumstances. Three kids. One three. One two. One six months. They were bound to become a nuisance for the parents; besides, they’re just doing what kids are suppose to do. Nevertheless, we decided to leave early since the kids needed to sleep and my friend had some major responsibilities as the Best Man for the wedding.

Bellevue, Washington.

From what I’m told, the most famous person in Bellevue, Washington is Bill Gates. Not is only the most famous person, but most likely, the most richest man in Bellevue, and for sure, one of the most richest man in the world. Now if you did not know that, well, for sure you learned one new thing by reading this blog. I’ll admit, I had no idea that Bill Gates resided in Bellevue, Washington, since most of his work has been done in Seattle, Washington, but I did know that he, for a long time, has been one of the richest men in the world. Plus, I’ve always been a big fan of his since college because of my background working with computers.

Forty-five minutes later, I was in an apartment with my friend’s family, the future bride-to-be, and with two other bridesmaids. What conspired in the next twenty-four hours turned out to be an adventure that I would never forget.