I need to rethink about what I want to do with this blog. I need to reorganize how I write this blog. Right now, this blog has no direction, no vision and it is just a blog with random *pardon my French* bs. I really wish this was otherwise, but I do not know what I should write about. I know that I'm not comfortable about writing my private life and I also know that I'm not comfortable about writing about other people's lives (you know, in the gossip kind of way). Some days, I just want to be a devil's advocate against the New York Times writers and just oppose everything they write with conflicting facts that's contradicts their points. Some days, I just want to write my own opinions, but I hate the fact that I'm putting myself out there to be criticized which can be costly and might put my friends and families in harm's way. 

I know that I love giving advice to people. I know that I love it when people come to me to ask me what I think they should do in a particular situation. And I know that people listen to what I have to say. Now, whether they do what I suggest them to do is entirely up to them. But what I do know is that when they make their choice and see the wisdom of it, they come back to me and say, "Thanks for listening. I decided to give it a try and wanted to let you know that it worked out way beyond my expectations!" 

So, I guess what I'm saying, is maybe I should make this blog something like the "Dear Abby" piece that you read in the newspaper and ask me anything you want to know by starting with "Dear Thomsen" or "Dear Mr. Young" and I will make it my personal guarantee that I will answer your questions within 48 hours. 

What I'd like to do is make this blog into one of the most popular syndicated blog in the world from a wise, young man point of view, in which, it would be known for novel common sense and perspective. 

Whether that happens or not, well, let's just say: who knows?