The Missing Flame

Continuation of the previous story
The rest of night flowed beautifully 
Plenty of beers. A good long heart to heart talk with a close friend. Three to four hours of Call of Duty on Xbox. Losing. Twice. Blame it on heavy intoxication. 
Passed out. 
It is these memories that will last forever in our minds and within our hearts.  
An chance to live life. An opportunity. Should be not taken for granted. Every single day. 
Without regret. 
That should be the goal for every human being in the world. 
Today, I got to witness one of the most amazing experiences every human being should experience. 
The ability for two people to share with their friends and family the beginning of a new life. 
An experience when two hearts come together on a special day to become one.  
I had the honor, at the last possible minute, without any previous knowledge, to attend one of my closest friend’s brother wedding.

God must of smiled that day. Clear skies, near perfect temperature, and I was nudged awake by my close friend. My eyes slowly opened to find him ushering me to get up. If there’s one thing that close friends should know, or should already know about me is that I’m a major sleepyhead. I love sleeping.

I closed my eyes for another precious few seconds…

Forcing myself upright, I gathered my stuff and headed back to the groom’s apartment and decided that it was far too early to be awake, I decided to lay on the sofa and get another hour of sleep before getting ready for the day.


I awoke again for the second time at the buzzing of my phone alarm. Perfect. Now it’s time to get ready to celebrate the joining of two hearts to be melded onto one. Since the wedding came to my attention at the very last minute, I really didn’t have much time to get a fancy suit, so I had to do with what I brought with me for my month and half long trip, yet, I still looked good.

The groom wanted me and his bride’s cousin to stay to help him get his apartment ready for his special night. We helped him prepare his room with candles and rose petals all over the apartment. After working for the last hour and half, we knew we had the place just the way the groom imagined it and we knew it was going to be a special night for the newlyweds.

We then headed out to where the groom and the bridge are getting  married. The bride’s cousin and I jumped into his 1986 Honda Accord and we headed to Snohomish. I never ever heard of Snohomish before and I bet most of you who are reading this never heard of this little town either. Nevertheless, we were about ten minutes away when I decided that I needed a coffee fix badly. So, the bride’s cousin and I stopped by one of those small coffee drive thru that you find in the middle of nowhere in the country.

Got my coffee fix.

Ah. Now, time to go to the wedding! While we were a little early, as I was told by the groom that we could not go inside until 12:15pm since if we did, he would be charged extra. So while we waited, in the parking lot near the place where the wedding would be taking place, I ended up meeting some new people and meet the photographer. As time passed on, the photographer wanted to get some shots of the groom’s best men and they decided to go to the historic park that was nearby to do some memorable shoots.

While we waited for the photographic session to be completed, I decided to help out with the wedding by helping out watching my close friend kids. They are simply quite adorable, smart, and without a doubt, tons of work! The kids and I totally connected. I read books. I watched them play on a iPhone playing kids games. Some of those apps are quite fascinating to watch them figure out!

While watching the kids, we got some news that quite a few people were stuck in traffic. So, the wedding had to be delayed by an extra two hours. Nevertheless, when the time came, the wedding started beautifully. I guess I was moved when they wrote of their vows to each other. I had a tear coming down my right eye…

The missing flame finally became enlighten with a beautiful dip of the bride with their eyes connecting when they gave each other a passionate kiss that will last forever in their minds and within their hearts.

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