Oregon Ducks to National Championships!

Oh yeah, no workout today. It's been filled with college football especially with the Oregon Ducks going 12-0 and heading for the National Championships!
Most people don't realized that Wikileaks.org leader actually presented that he obtained cable leaks in July. So why in the world is this a surprise for everyone?

You can say that it’s off to a excellent start. Everyone drools for a iPad even though they cannot afford it. Wikileaks has turned America upside down, yet, at the same time, it has made America still the envy of every nation in every corner of the globe. How in the world does that work? Christmas songs has already gotten a head start, but it seems to give inmates in a cranky mood (Wait, do we really care?). I think not. Oh wait, it’s a violation of their civil and religious right…bummer.

 Secret Military Mini-Shuttle Headed Back to Earth - ABC News 

Totally cool. It's not exactly a secret anymore, but man, another step for mankind in a slight kinda way.
This is just crazy. As expected, Wikileaks did exactly what they did. I think what is most surprising is the amount of detail. This is going to take days to read everything.
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WORLD   | November 28, 2010
Cables Obtained by WikiLeaks Shine Light Into Secret Diplomatic Channels
A huge trove of State Department communiqu'es offers an extraordinary look at the inner workings, and sharp elbows, of diplomacy.

What a possible response might look like from Wikileaks co-founders, Ms. Robinson and Mr. Assange. 
What is it about airports that makes the experience quite pleasant at times? At least for me. I grew up around airports all my life. I've flown to places that only a quarter of Americans dream of flying to. For the average American, I've been to more airports than the average American goes to amusement parks. As you can see, flying is a way of life for me. Yet, when I read about how Americans are starting to protest the new TSA regulation with image-scanning machines (which by the way, is hardly used during extremely busy days such as Thanksgiving weekend) and with additional pat-downs, you can say that I'm alittle mystified. 

People, like myself, who are used to flying all the time, are already used to these new regulations, in fact, there's nothing new about them at all. There will always be new, innovative technology that will come out that will be controversial, yet, in the end, people are willing to give up their privacy for their security. When the metal detectors came out, there was a outcry, yet, people got used to the idea over time. With the development of newer technology, it is likely that you might not have to give up your privacy for your security. 

However, for the meantime, we still need to give up some privacy to make sure that security at all American airport can be at their highest standards.  
Did you know that under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) that the FBI has a link for the infamous X-files show? 
The "X Files" was a 1993 television show on the Fox Television Network. The show involved the FBI's investigation of fictional cases concerning "paranormal phenomena". The FBI was not contacted during the filming of this television program.