12/27/09 - 1/3/10 | Young Thomsen

Best of the Day

Should you discuss your business idea with other people? This Week On TechCrunch: The seventeen best ‘best-of…... Death toll climbs to ...

Best of the Night

Black Chinese Girl suffers Racism in China How To Rise Fast At Work: A True Story Analyzing Facebook’s Forthcoming Redesign Hacked STOP S...

Best of the Morning

From A Geek’s Geek: Daniel Raffel’s Favorite New Projects,... Media Tools Of The Year Why Japan Needs a 'Hatobama' Kathy Griffin...

Happy New Year!

May 2010 be a blessed year for everyone!

Best of the Morning

Production process of the official 2010 FIFA World... Taylor's Day on The Price is Right Bruce Schneier on Aviation Security We All ...

Sometimes we must remember who our neighbors were...

In Remembrance .

I love my Ducks!

Flu Trends

Can someone explain to me why Ukraine Flu Trends is so high?

Best of the Night

The 15 bloggiest stories of 2009 Editorial: Failed State We Need More Classes Like This Hulu Has a Captioning Question If Star Wars had...

I can cook RICE!

For the longest time, I swear I didn't know how to cook rice. Well, now, I got it down ;-) I p...


A good friend of mine asked me to do this. Some of you know how much I hate doing forward "al...

Lazy Day

So, today was a lazy day for me. I guess I wanted to be well-rested before I go all out for New Ye...

100 hits

Finally got a hundred hits. For us little guys, that's a milestone!


As I got thinking on my flight from Seattle to SFO, I couldn't help thinking of what I wanted ...

Steven Colbert and Statistics.

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