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And the season is just getting started!

Long Beach Sunset Canel

What is Skytyper?

Dormant Six Flags

SF Giants Clouds

I love Star Trek: The Next Generation!

3-D Printing and Clay Modeling

As I mentioned in the previous two post, History of 3-D Printing and Teaching 3-D Printing wi...

How about 200,000 hits?!! Totally awesome!

How I'm going to react to the alarm when I wake up tomorrow to coach waterpolo dryland training... 5:00 am. 

Teaching 3-D Printing with Learning Disabilities

Being new to teaching 3-D Printing is quite the journey. With little experience, coming up wi...

History of 3-D Printing

One of the new courses that I'm teaching this year is 3-D printing. I am extremely excited...

Okay, you're burned out, I understand, but...

The pistols are coming out from all angles. The question marks are looming upon you. The dream...

Earthquake in Napa Vally, CA: What early warning system would be beneficial for deaf/hard of hearing population?

It's kinda weird, but I didn't feel the earthquake. I actually slept through it. I gue...

Best Quote Ever.

1. “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”  The Empire Strikes Back

Summer Fun Rolling in the Beach

Well, this is it. In less than a week, my summer vacation will be completely over. I'm not sure...

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