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History of 3-D Printing

One of the new courses that I'm teaching this year is 3-D printing. I am extremely excited...

Okay, you're burned out, I understand, but...

The pistols are coming out from all angles. The question marks are looming upon you. The dream...

Earthquake in Napa Vally, CA: What early warning system would be beneficial for deaf/hard of hearing population?

It's kinda weird, but I didn't feel the earthquake. I actually slept through it. I gue...

Best Quote Ever.

1. “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”  The Empire Strikes Back

Summer Fun Rolling in the Beach

Well, this is it. In less than a week, my summer vacation will be completely over. I'm not sure...

All copycats.

If I decided to tell a story, would you sue me? It's not like any story that you ever heard of, but it might be a story that you might ...

The window of time did not show...

The window of time does not show the purpose of life. If we were given the ability to not only foresee the future, would we still understa...

It seem like the time takes more than...

It seem like the time takes more than what it should have been. My mind seems to wonder, as if, dazed by the trees that have been passing ...

New American Flag in Naples Canals, Long Beach!

Totally had a great time. Remember your country. Remember what your father, grandfather, and great-...

The Owl Whisperer

“Haaa! Haa! Ha! It’s okay. Ooookay. Ohhhkay. Ooookay. Oh it’s okay please don’t give me that loo...

Best Deaf Cat GIF of the Week

Randomly found on Google+ but this has got to be the cutest deaf cat ever seen!  Source:  ...

Ideas. What would a Deaf Society look like 100 years from now?

In about thirty days, I'll finally have about two and half month off of work off. I'll...

Some days I feel like this. I am trying my best.

If you won a large amount of money, would you buy your hearing?

 Comment below your thoughts!

If ghosts can scream through walls and glide down stairs, do you think they can hear?

Tell me your theories!

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